The Client:

Large Blue-Chip Pharma

The Challenge:

Our client recognised that there was an opportunity to optimise marketing operations and strategic thinking across multiple brands.
Osprey Health Consulting were asked to audit all the brand plans, identifying areas for improvement and driving more effective strategic thinking across the team

The Process:

Osprey Health Consulting Audit processes were developed specifically for the needs of the client, they were designed so that they could be replicated across the brands, and provide a method for individual and collective insights to be gathered

All plans were reviewed and the key stakeholders were engaged in the process throughout in a logical, methodical way to identify individual and common areas of need. The process was detailed and meticulous and allowed rich and insightful learning.

Consolidated recommendations and brand highlights were then presented to senior management , whereas brand specific insights and areas for improvement were discussed with brand leads individually in face to face meetings

Common areas that could be enhanced across all the brands were then to be incorporated into the brand planning process training ahead of the next round of annual planning to ensure that lessons were acted upon

The Response:

Osprey Health Consulting provided immense strategic value to the brand teams.
The logical and expert approach provided by the Osprey team was appreciated and they have now become a trusted partner for us.

Key Outputs:

The process uncovered a number of areas where some planning was performing well.
Crucially five areas common to all plans were uncovered as critical to improving the logic and robustness of the planning process. This led to a pre-brand planning training day which addressed the key areas of need and drove an improvement across the group